Will South Florida's Rising Cost of Living Lead to More Property Crime?

Increasing interest rates and inflation are hitting all of us where it hurts: in the wallet. With rising costs in everything from groceries and gas to housing and insurance, no one is unaffected by the changing economy. 

History shows a correlation between rising inflation and rising crime, especially burglary, theft, and violent crime. Larger demands on black market items to beat in-store costs make opportunistic criminals bolder and our communities less safe.

Professor in Criminology Richard Rosenfeld of the University of Missouri-St. Louis says inflation is a greater indicator of crime than recession or unemployment rates.

"As retail prices rise, we see people trading down to the underground market and stolen goods. That generates higher demand in those markets to supply them with goods acquired through robbery and property crime, and we see robbery and property crime rates increase."

This increased property crime affects both retail businesses and private homes. With less funds to spend on non-essential goods, consumers seek deals and may find those from sellers who gained their goods through less than reputable means. Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, OfferUp, and other online platforms for purchasing goods directly from the seller are vulnerable to criminal trades. 

Unfortunately, as a potential victim of burglary or theft, there’s little you can do once your goods have been sold on the internet. Without very specific evidence that an item belongs to you and was stolen, it can come down to your word versus another person. 

For South Floridian homeowners already struggling with increased costs, fears about criminals targeting your home or loved ones is the last thing you want to worry about. But failing to prepare for potential threats can leave you devastated, insecure, and financially vulnerable. That’s why investing in a home security system you can trust is so important.

TruHome Alarm is dedicated to helping families across South Florida stay safe and secure through all life may throw your way. Financially challenging times shouldn’t leave your family vulnerable to thieves and wrongdoers. That’s why, as the leading ADT authorized dealer in Broward, Miami-Dade, and West Palm Beach counties, we offer industry leading security solutions at incredibly affordable prices.

Plus, because our home security and automation packages are fully customizable you never have to pay for products you don’t need. From high-definition exterior cameras, doorbell cameras, door and window sensors and alarms, to interior monitoring and home automation devices, we have solutions to help make life easier and give you peace of mind.

You can’t control the way the world changes, but you can make sure your loved ones are safe and protected. TruHome Security is here to help. Schedule your consultation with one of our home security professionals today.

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