Toyotas Targeted in Catalytic Converter Theft Throughout Broward, Martin County Neighborhoods

Broward and Martin County Sheriff's Offices are warning residents across South Florida that Toyota Tundras and Tacomas are being targeted by thieves stealing catalytic converters. The device, which is part of a car’s emission control system, is used to convert toxic exhaust fumes into less toxic gasses. 

Catalytic converters are a hot target for thieves because they are easy to access, can be removed fairly quickly, and sell for large amounts of money because of the precious metals they use in the conversion process. Unfortunately, once these converters are removed the vehicles can’t be safely driven until they are replaced. 

Two separate Toyota service centers reported to Local 10 that they’ve already seen the results of this increase in catalytic converter thefts: they have vehicles waiting in their shops for replacements.

Why are Tacomas and Tundras being specifically targeted? Martin County Sheriff's believe it's because they feature four catalytic converters per vehicle, and thus a higher potential earnings.

Protecting Your Vehicle from Catalytic Converter Thieves

While Toyota SUVs are currently the hit commodity among catalytic converter thieves, all gasoline burning vehicles are potential targets. Officers are urging residents to take preventive steps including:

  • Parking in well-lit areas. Thieves can remove a catalytic converter in as little as 10 minutes using wireless tools that are easy to conceal. However, they must still get below the vehicle in a fairly conspicuous way that can draw attention from passersby. Parking in well-lit areas discourage thieves from trying to target your vehicle.
  • Etch your VIN number into your converter. Catalytic converters that are marked with the vehicle identification number are easier to track which makes them more difficult to sell on the black market. You may also paint the number onto your converter, but this is easier to get rid of than etching.
  • Consider installing a protective device. Catalytic converter cages can be mounted to the underside of your vehicle to block potential theft attempts. Getting them professionally mounted by a mechanic will ensure they don’t interfere with your ability to drive the car.

Home Security for Preventing Car Theft

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