Top 5 Reasons to Install a Home Security System in Your Townhouse or Condo

There are a number of reasons someone might choose to live in an apartment or condo: affordability and costs, access, a sense of community and safety, etc. As South Florida’s population continues to grow, more residential properties are converted into multi-family homes and more real estate investors develop new apartment buildings and condominiums.

While this form of communal living may seem safer and more secure, this is actually a common misconception. Apartments are actually more likely to be broken into than a single-family home. This is largely due to lacking home security measures taken by renters and condo owners who falsely believe they aren’t necessary. 

If you are among the more than 2.6 million people renting a home in Florida, here are 15 reasons you need to contact TruHome Alarm and get a home security system today.

  1. Apartment and condo buildings are easy to access.

In most cases, apartment buildings and condominiums are surprisingly easy to access. With the exception of luxury buildings or gated communities which may have extra security protocols in place, almost anyone can walk up to an apartment building and gain entry to the property. 

Even in cases where security measures are in place, they can easily be sidestepped: gates often have unsecured walking paths or can be bypassed through tailgating, criminals may pretend to be delivery personnel, or even partner with staff members to access the building.

Apartment home security systems offer peace of mind by deterring criminals who do manage to access your building. Doorbell cameras, interior surveillance, and door and window sensors all increase their chances of being caught and arrested, a risk few are willing to take.

  1. Property insurance protects the landlords, not the tenants.

Apartment and condo buildings that have external surveillance systems and other security measures can make residents feel safe and comfortable in their homes. These systems do help protect the property and benefit residents, but you shouldn’t rely solely on these cameras. 

Landlords and property owners who place security cameras around their buildings often do so with their own benefits in mind. These security systems prevent vandalism and other property crimes that impact the value and profitability of their investment. However, as a tenant, you have no rights to the footage captured by these cameras even if you suspect there is evidence of a crime against you on them. In some cases, these cameras may be subpoenaed by the courts but this is not a guarantee.

With your own home security system in place, you can bypass any need to rely on cameras under your landlord’s control. Interior monitoring systems within your own unit are within your right as a tenant. Exterior surveillance is also possible, but must adhere to privacy laws and policies in regard to other tenants.

  1. Property security systems may not actually be active.

Sometimes, in an effort to cut costs and save money, property owners will install false cameras to give the appearance of having a security system in place. In other cases, the cameras may be real, but inactive or store recorded footage for short periods. Either scenario can be devastating if you are relying on those cameras to assure your safety or help solve a crime.

The only way to ensure a security system is active and in proper working order is to get it installed yourself. While you can’t place your own security system around the exterior of your building, you can protect your own home, family, and property with interior monitoring. 

  1. You don’t know who your neighbors really are.

One of the reasons many people prefer living in apartment or condo buildings over free standing homes is the sense of security semi-communal living provides. But do you really know who your neighbors are? Probably not. 

Sometimes our neighbors are the very people we should be worried about. They can be package thieves, damage our property, or have other unsavory intentions. Even if they don’t, neighbors may be reluctant to come forward with information or intervene when a crime is in progress, leaving you on your own.

With a TruHome Security home security system installed in your apartment you can rest easy knowing ADT’s team of surveillance professionals always has your back. They can contact authorities on your behalf quickly and give them all the crucial details necessary to come to your aid.

  1. Home security systems are transferable and can move with you.

One of the most common reasons renters don’t invest in home security is because they don’t want to set up a system in a property they don’t own. There’s a prevailing idea that home security systems are permanently wired into a structure and when you move you lose your investment. 

The truth is most modern security systems are fully transferable from one location to another. If you purchase a home or even just move to a new apartment or condo, your security system can come with you. Because ADT home security systems are wireless and operate via wi-fi, all you need to do is inform ADT of your move and transfer your cameras, sensors, and other devices to your new home. 

TruHome Security is South Florida’s #1 ADT authorized dealer. This means you get the peace of mind of knowing you’re covered by the nation’s most trusted home security provider at amazing prices. With over 20 years of home security experience, we can help you find the best solution for your home, including apartments, condos, and townhomes. Contact us today at (888) 474-6878, to learn more about how we can help you, including details about available specials and offers you may qualify for.

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