Top 10 Ways a Home Security System Will Benefit Your Family

More than 3.7 million homes are broken into every year in the US. That equates to roughly one home invasion every 7 minutes. Fires affect more than 350,000 homes, and carbon monoxide poisoning sends more than 20,000 people to the hospital. Countless other minor and major emergencies also befall families. With an ADT home security system your home is protected from all of these incidents and more. In fact, your family will benefit in ten distinct ways from installing a home security system.

Relax and Enjoy Your Home

The world outside can be a crazy, scary place and your home is your retreat from the chaos. With a monitored ADT home security system, you can rest and relax without worries. Whether you’re enjoying a lazy Saturday morning, playing games with the kids, or watching your favorite movie on a Wednesday night, ADT is always there to protect you and yours. 

Monitor Your Kids

Your children’s safety is your top priority, but you can’t always be home when they get there. It’s hard to coordinate schedules, but you can ensure your kid’s safety. Using your smartphone you can monitor your kids behavior, see who’s coming and going and take charge when needed. You can also lock and unlock doors to let the kids in or to make sure the house is secured when they leave. 

Safeguard Your Valuables

When you have an ADT home security system installed, you’ll receive warning stickers to place in your windows. This is a sign to would-be thieves that someone is watching and that your home is secure. The majority of the time, criminals won’t even attempt to break into a home with a security system. A home security system with cameras can actually help reduce crime in your neighborhood as well.

Instant Medical Help

If you or a loved one suffers a medical emergency, you need assistance right away. But, you may not be able to get to the phone to call someone. Your ADT home security system panel includes a 2-Way voice option that allows you to instantly connect to a live operator. All you have to do is call out for help from as far away as 75 feet and you’ll get the help you need. It’s easy to use and anyone can activate it.

Keep Pets Safe

You like to think that your pets will defend you and protect your property if someone breaks in. That may be true, but it’s not necessarily the safest option. A criminal who is confronted with a barking or aggressive dog may lash out and harm it. Your dog may decide to chase an intruder and end up lost or injured. A home security system decreases the likelihood that your dog will interact with or be harmed by an intruder.

Detect Fire and Smoke

A house fire can start in just about any room of your home. Whether something is burning in the kitchen or there are wires burning in a wall, the faster you know, the faster you can put the fire out. A monitored security system can warn you of the danger. If smoke or excess heat are detected, your ADT home security system will connect to the monitoring center and the local authorities. 

Carbon Monoxide Monitoring

This colorless, odorless gas is responsible for thousands of hospital visits and hundreds of deaths every year. Space heaters, gas stoves, cigarettes burning, and even your dryer vents can release this dangerous gas into your home. At high levels it can cause you to pass out or even die. ADT home monitoring includes CO2 detection to keep you safe and healthy.

24/7 Remote Access

When you’re away from home you worry about things like whether you locked the doors or if the alarm system is armed. With a wireless ADT home security system, you can check in using your smartphone. If your alarm goes off when you’re not home, you’ll be in touch with a monitoring center specialist to address the alarm and take action. No matter where you are, whether you’re down the street or across the country, ADT is always on.

Lower Homeowner Insurance

On average, homeowners pay roughly $1,300 per year in insurance premiums. What many people don’t know is that they can save $100 per year just by installing a home security system. You may qualify for even bigger discounts if you’re using a wireless home security system that is monitored like those offered by ADT. In fact, ADT employs more than 7,000 people in 6 monitoring centers across the US to watch over you and yours.

Peace of Mind

You work hard to provide your family with the life and home they deserve. A monitored home security system from ADT can help you protect your home and your loved ones from harm. That kind of peace of mind makes it easier for you to focus on what matters most. 

Protect Your Family and Your Home With a Home Security System

If you’re ready to take steps to protect your loved ones and the home that you have worked so hard to build, contact us at TruHome Security to request a free estimate for a custom monitored ADT home security system.

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