Home Security Systems For Pet Safety

TruHome Security understands that your pets are more than just animals – they’re deeply beloved members of the family. Pets are trusted support companions, confidantes, and loyal partners throughout life. Because pets offer us so much comfort, love, and joy, keeping them safe is just as important as protecting everything else you love. 

This Pet Safety and Protection Month, TruHome Alarm wants to help you keep your pets safe and healthy. Here’s how a top quality home security system backed by ADT can help.

Preventing Pet Theft

While you view your pet as a beloved family member, thieves and opportunists may see them as an easy target. Purebred puppies or adults who may be viable for breeding are especially profitable, and thus highly coveted. Unattended pets can be stolen in a matter of moments, leaving you and your family devastated at the loss. And without evidence to go by, the police often can’t do much beyond taking a report.

Every year 2 million dogs are stolen or go missing, with 80 percent never being found again. An ADT home security system provided by TruHome Alarm can help prevent your pet from becoming one of them. 

ADT home monitoring systems are proven to help deter crime, including pet theft. When would-be burglars and thieves scout their targets, 60 percent admit to looking for signs of an alarm system and moving on to easier targets if there is one in place. This means even if you are away at work or on vacation, your home is safe from external threats. And if criminals do decide to target your home anyway, ADT’s expert home monitoring team ensures the authorities respond quickly and you have any evidence you need to make sure they don’t get away with it.

Pet Cameras and Other Safety Measures

Pet thieves aren’t the only threat to your family’s beloved companion. Sometimes, our pets can unintentionally get themselves in serious trouble. Whether it's eating things they shouldn’t, getting stuck in the oddest of places, or finding a way to slip outside and escape, their shenanigans can be both hilarious and terrifying.

We can’t have our eyes on our pets 24/7 to prevent these accidents. While costs are often sighted as the reason homeowners don’t invest in a security system, they can actually save you money in the long run. This is especially true when you consider the high costs associated with pet care emergencies. Vet bills, lost pet recovery costs, and other expenses related to pet emergencies can add up quickly, leaving you thousands of dollars in debt. 

Having a home security system in place with indoor monitoring capabilities can save you money by helping to prevent these panic-inducing emergencies. Unlike limited pet cameras which often have a narrow field of view, interior security cameras offer a full view of your home so you can check in on your pet no matter where they are. This means you have a higher chance of spotting trouble early and preventing disaster. 

Making your home safe for your pets, children, and other loved ones doesn’t stop there. Comprehensive home protection should also include:

  • Door and window sensors so you know when and where someone enters or leaves the home
  • Fire and flooding detection sensors monitored by home safety professionals who can contact emergency services on your behalf
  • Exterior motion detection systems and motion activated lighting to help you safely navigate your property at night while also scarring of predatory animals and criminals
  • Smart locks to prevent young children, pets, or vulnerable adults from exiting the home unattended and keep unwanted visitors out
  • Doorbell cameras to confirm your visitors’ identity before you ever open the door

Your Next Steps with TruHome Alarm and ADT

As the leading ADT authorized dealer, TruHome Alarm has home security solutions to help you keep your pets, family, and valuables safe and sound. From top quality, high definition exterior surveillance cameras to interior monitoring systems you can access from your mobile device or computer, our home packages give you peace of mind knowing your loved ones are always protected. 

TruHome Security systems are fully customizable and backed by the nation’s leading smart home security provider. This means you get access to cutting edge technology and industry-leading services at amazing, affordable rates. To learn more about how we can serve you, contact us now to schedule a free consultation at (888) 474-6878. 

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