Home Security Questions and Answers

If you’re experiencing an emergency in your home it’s good to know that someone is always there when you need them. With 2-Way Voice from ADT, you’ll never have to worry about facing a scary, uncertain situation alone. This incredible technology can connect you to the monitoring center within moments so you can get the help and comfort you need. 

How Does 2-Way Voice Work?

When something happens and you need help, you can literally speak out in a normal voice and your home security system’s control panel will automatically engage. 2-way voice can also be engaged manually by pressing the button on the control panel. Finally, whenever your alarm system goes off, the 2-way voice automatically connects to the monitoring center and a live agent is ready to respond.

Hands-Free Operation Saves Time

In an emergency situation, seconds may mean the difference between life and death, injury or safety. When you call out for help, your ADT home security system automatically connects to the monitoring center. You can instantly talk to someone to explain your situation and request the help you need. This is especially beneficial if you can’t get to the control panel due to injury, a heart attack, or another reason.

2-Way Voice Can Be Activated By Anyone

Children, elderly parents, friends, and visitors alike can call for help in case of a medical emergency, fire, or home break in. Calling out or using the button on the control panel will give the person the chance to talk to a technician at the monitoring center about the emergency. The appropriate authorities can then be dispatched to your home to assist with the emergency.

Will 2-Way Voice Invade My Privacy?

There is no need to worry about privacy violations due to your ADT 2-way voice service. In fact, the only way that 2-way voice connects to the monitoring center is if your alarm is triggered, if you activate it via voice, or if you push the button to connect to an agent. Otherwise, your 2-way voice system is simply standing by awaiting your commands.

As you can tell, 2-way voice provides a variety of benefits for your family. In addition, 2-way voice also reduces the number of false-alarm calls that are made because you accidentally set off the alarm or pushed the button. It’s just another layer of protection from ADT home monitoring.

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