Home Security Questions and Answers

Wireless technology has become common in nearly all aspects of our lives. The newest home security systems from ADT are no different. Monitoring your home and getting help when you need it can all be accomplished with your cell phone. Some other benefits include:

Fewer Alterations During Installation 

Anytime you put a hole in your home’s exterior, you risk additional damage to the area, pest infestations, and moisture issues. Inside your home, you may need wires run in the walls, which can lead to further damage. When you install a wireless ADT home security system, you won’t need to alter your home as much as with a traditional system. In fact, you don’t need much alteration at all.

It’s More Difficult to Disarm the System

A determined burglar will have no problem disabling a wired home security system. It’s a simple matter of cutting the wires and the alarm is no longer armed. The burglar can then enter your home and take what they want without being noticed. A wireless home security system is infinitely harder to disarm even if the power is off. ADT home security systems use cell phone technology so you’re never cut off from help.

You Don’t Need a Landline Phone

Traditional home security systems tap into your landline to contact the monitoring center or the authorities. If the power is out, or the phone lines are down, your security system isn’t fully functioning. A wireless home security system uses the same technology as your cell phone instead of a landline. That means you can quickly connect with a technician no matter where you are or what the situation is. 

Access Your Home Security System from Anywhere

A key advantage of a wireless home security system from ADT is unlimited access via your smartphone, tablet, or other enabled device. Worried that you forgot to lock the door? Quickly check in and flip the locks to be sure. Ready to go to sleep, but the door is unlocked? Secure your home for the night without ever leaving your bed. Need to let your kids in after school? It’s a quick click of a button. 

Enhanced Home Security and Peace of Mind

You do everything you can to provide a safe, stable environment in your home and ADT home security can help. You can sleep well at night knowing your home is being protected by the most trusted name in home security. Wireless technology combined with 24/7 live monitoring help create that safe haven your family deserves.

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