Home Security Questions and Answers

All told, there are six ADT monitoring centers spread across the country. Each center is directly connected to the others for unparalleled coverage, no matter the situation. That is up to three times as many monitoring centers used by other home security companies.

Fully Staffed Monitoring Centers

Six monitoring centers are dedicated to serving 6 million customers 24 hours a day, seven days a week and that is no easy feat. But, ADT employs more than 7,000 highly-trained home monitoring professionals to help when you need it most. On average, around 335 people work in each monitoring center, standing by to assist when needed.

Faster Response Times 

Whether you have a problem in the middle of the day, at 3:00 am, or on a holiday someone is always available to help. If the monitoring center receives a notification of an intruder, fire, flood, smoke, or carbon monoxide, a call will be immediately placed to local emergency services or medical assistance. Many times, the system alerts the monitoring center before the homeowner is aware of a problem.

Built-In Redundancy 

Having a backup is important in many situations in life and it’s certainly true for home security monitoring systems. Because ADT has centers throughout the country, if one experiences an issue it doesn’t have a major impact on your security. In fact, you won’t notice a change in monitoring or service even if you’re not close to one of the six monitoring centers in operation.

Superb Customer Service

Because ADT has invested so much in its monitoring centers and staff, you get a superior product and exceptional service. You never have to worry about not getting through, monitoring centers can handle up to 20,000 calls a day with ease. Even in the worst emergency situations, ADT is there to answer the call.

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