Home Security Questions and Answers

You’ve worked hard to create a home that’s comfortable and safe for your family.Unfortunately, not everyone wants to work for things they want. You could be the target of thieves who would rather take from others. Protecting everything you’ve put so much effort into achieving is important to you and an ADT home security system can help in several ways including:

Visible Deterrents

One of the best ways to avoid becoming a victim of a burglary is to keep your valuables out of sight. Another great way to protect your home from thieves is by installing an ADT home monitoring system. When you do, you’ll get an ADT monitoring yard sign and window sticker, which lets burglars know that your home is being watched. Nearly all convicted burglars say they wouldn’t attempt to break into a home with warnings about a home security system. Instead, they’d look for an easier target without a home monitoring service.

Instant Access to Dispatch

If your ADT home security system is triggered by an intruder or other emergency, it will automatically connect the control panel to a live assistant. Not only will the alarm alert the authorities to your situation, but you can also give the technician additional information regarding what’s happening. You’ll get level-headed advice as to what actions you should take next to stay safe before the police arrive.

Arm Your ADT System from Anywhere

You have a hectic schedule and it’s easy to forget things sometimes. If that ever happens with your ADT home security system, it can be frustrating and a bit scary. If you’re just relaxing at home, and you suspect someone is trying to get in, you can quickly lock your doors with your fob. If you forget to lock up when you leave, you don’t have to go back home, just click and lock the doors. Need to let yourself or someone in? The fob can do that too.

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