Home Security Questions and Answers

You’ve worked hard to create a home that’s comfortable and safe for your family.Unfortunately, not everyone wants to work for things they want. You could be the target of thieves who would rather take from others. Protecting everything you’ve put so much effort into achieving is important to you and an ADT home security system can help in several ways including:

Visible Deterrents

One of the best ways to avoid becoming a victim of a burglary is to keep your valuables out of sight. Another great way to protect your home from thieves is by installing an ADT home monitoring system. When you do, you’ll get an ADT monitoring yard sign and window sticker, which lets burglars know that your home is being watched. Nearly all convicted burglars say they wouldn’t attempt to break into a home with warnings about a home security system. Instead, they’d look for an easier target without a home monitoring service.

Instant Access to Dispatch

If your ADT home security system is triggered by an intruder or other emergency, it will automatically connect the control panel to a live assistant. Not only will the alarm alert the authorities to your situation, but you can also give the technician additional information regarding what’s happening. You’ll get level-headed advice as to what actions you should take next to stay safe before the police arrive.

Arm Your ADT System from Anywhere

You have a hectic schedule and it’s easy to forget things sometimes. If that ever happens with your ADT home security system, it can be frustrating and a bit scary. If you’re just relaxing at home, and you suspect someone is trying to get in, you can quickly lock your doors with your fob. If you forget to lock up when you leave, you don’t have to go back home, just click and lock the doors. Need to let yourself or someone in? The fob can do that too.

All told, there are six ADT monitoring centers spread across the country. Each center is directly connected to the others for unparalleled coverage, no matter the situation. That is up to three times as many monitoring centers used by other home security companies.

Fully Staffed Monitoring Centers

Six monitoring centers are dedicated to serving 6 million customers 24 hours a day, seven days a week and that is no easy feat. But, ADT employs more than 7,000 highly-trained home monitoring professionals to help when you need it most. On average, around 335 people work in each monitoring center, standing by to assist when needed.

Faster Response Times 

Whether you have a problem in the middle of the day, at 3:00 am, or on a holiday someone is always available to help. If the monitoring center receives a notification of an intruder, fire, flood, smoke, or carbon monoxide, a call will be immediately placed to local emergency services or medical assistance. Many times, the system alerts the monitoring center before the homeowner is aware of a problem.

Built-In Redundancy 

Having a backup is important in many situations in life and it’s certainly true for home security monitoring systems. Because ADT has centers throughout the country, if one experiences an issue it doesn’t have a major impact on your security. In fact, you won’t notice a change in monitoring or service even if you’re not close to one of the six monitoring centers in operation.

Superb Customer Service

Because ADT has invested so much in its monitoring centers and staff, you get a superior product and exceptional service. You never have to worry about not getting through, monitoring centers can handle up to 20,000 calls a day with ease. Even in the worst emergency situations, ADT is there to answer the call.

House fires are among the most common, and the most devastating, home emergencies. With so much at stake, you do everything you can to ensure that your home is safe from fire. But, what you may not realize is that ADT monitoring includes fire protection. That means your home and family are under the watchful eyes of more than 7,000 caring monitoring professionals 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, even if you’re not home.

Should I Be Worried About a House Fire?

There are many things that worry you when it comes to your family and a house fire is likely near the top of your list. You’d be right to worry. Statistically speaking, fires are incredibly common in homes, so yes, it’s something you should be concerned about. 

  • Cooking, electrical malfunctions, and heating equipment are the leading causes of home fires.
  • More than 358,000 homes are damaged by fire every year.
  • It only takes about 30 seconds for a small flame to become a major fire.
  • House fires are responsible for nearly $7 billion in property damage every year.
  • More than 3,000 people die every year and at least one child dies every day in a fire.

How Can I Protect My Home and Family From a House Fire?

Unfortunately, you can’t eliminate all the potential fire hazards in your home. After all, you need a home heating system, electricity, and you need to cook for your family as well. But, there is one way that you can ensure your family is safe and that’s with ADT monitoring. Its state-of-the-art technology monitors your home for heat and smoke signatures along with keeping intruders at bay.

How Does ADT Fire Protection Work?

Your ADT monitoring system will alert you anytime smoke or heat are detected in your home. Whether you burn something on the stove or in the oven, if a grease fire starts, or if something else goes wrong, ADT is there to alert you, the monitoring center, and the authorities immediately.

No matter what time of the day or night, if your alarm is triggered, you’ll automatically be connected to one of the six monitoring centers across the country. A helpful ADT monitoring specialist will make sure you get the help you need. If you can’t talk on the phone, you’ll be able to connect with 2-Way Voice so you can give details about the situation and your needs.

If needed, ADT will contact your local fire department, ambulance, or police department so they can respond to your emergency. This will happen nearly instantly so you don’t have to worry about long delays while your request for help is being processed. 

Besides the Monitoring Console, What Other Equipment Will I Need?

You don’t have to worry about bulky equipment with an ADT monitored system, you will hardly even notice it’s there. The sleek design nearly disappears into the background where it keeps watch over you and your family. In addition to the console, motion detectors, and security cameras your system will use, you’ll also need smoke detectors. ADT recommends that you have at least one detector on each floor and additional ones in your kitchen or other rooms where a fire may start. It’s also wise to have one in your basement and attic. Smoke detectors do need to be maintained, however. That generally means nothing more than changing the batteries once a year.

What Are the Benefits of ADT Monitoring With Fire Protection

The most obvious, and important benefit of installing an ADT monitoring system switch fire protection is your own peace of mind. Knowing that your family, home, and property are protected by the biggest, most trusted home security company in the country will help you sleep soundly at night. Some other benefits include:

  • Get a discount on your homeowner’s insurance. Most insurance companies give homeowners with a home security system lower rates. You could save as much as 20% on your insurance.
  • Monitor your home from anywhere near or far. No matter where you are, whether your home or away on vacation, you can rest easy knowing your home is protected.
  • Get immediate medical attention whenever you need it. Anyone in your household can get immediate help through ADT. This is great for kids and the elderly who are more vulnerable.
  • Deter thieves and burglars. Your ADT home security system will come with stickers you place in prominent windows to let them know you’re protected. Most will simply move on to an easier target.
  • Keep track of your kids when you’re not home. Leaving the doors unlocked for your kids isn’t an option. But, with ADT home monitoring, you can remotely lock and unlock doors so you know they made it safe.

Wireless technology has become common in nearly all aspects of our lives. The newest home security systems from ADT are no different. Monitoring your home and getting help when you need it can all be accomplished with your cell phone. Some other benefits include:

Fewer Alterations During Installation 

Anytime you put a hole in your home’s exterior, you risk additional damage to the area, pest infestations, and moisture issues. Inside your home, you may need wires run in the walls, which can lead to further damage. When you install a wireless ADT home security system, you won’t need to alter your home as much as with a traditional system. In fact, you don’t need much alteration at all.

It’s More Difficult to Disarm the System

A determined burglar will have no problem disabling a wired home security system. It’s a simple matter of cutting the wires and the alarm is no longer armed. The burglar can then enter your home and take what they want without being noticed. A wireless home security system is infinitely harder to disarm even if the power is off. ADT home security systems use cell phone technology so you’re never cut off from help.

You Don’t Need a Landline Phone

Traditional home security systems tap into your landline to contact the monitoring center or the authorities. If the power is out, or the phone lines are down, your security system isn’t fully functioning. A wireless home security system uses the same technology as your cell phone instead of a landline. That means you can quickly connect with a technician no matter where you are or what the situation is. 

Access Your Home Security System from Anywhere

A key advantage of a wireless home security system from ADT is unlimited access via your smartphone, tablet, or other enabled device. Worried that you forgot to lock the door? Quickly check in and flip the locks to be sure. Ready to go to sleep, but the door is unlocked? Secure your home for the night without ever leaving your bed. Need to let your kids in after school? It’s a quick click of a button. 

Enhanced Home Security and Peace of Mind

You do everything you can to provide a safe, stable environment in your home and ADT home security can help. You can sleep well at night knowing your home is being protected by the most trusted name in home security. Wireless technology combined with 24/7 live monitoring help create that safe haven your family deserves.

If you’re experiencing an emergency in your home it’s good to know that someone is always there when you need them. With 2-Way Voice from ADT, you’ll never have to worry about facing a scary, uncertain situation alone. This incredible technology can connect you to the monitoring center within moments so you can get the help and comfort you need. 

How Does 2-Way Voice Work?

When something happens and you need help, you can literally speak out in a normal voice and your home security system’s control panel will automatically engage. 2-way voice can also be engaged manually by pressing the button on the control panel. Finally, whenever your alarm system goes off, the 2-way voice automatically connects to the monitoring center and a live agent is ready to respond.

Hands-Free Operation Saves Time

In an emergency situation, seconds may mean the difference between life and death, injury or safety. When you call out for help, your ADT home security system automatically connects to the monitoring center. You can instantly talk to someone to explain your situation and request the help you need. This is especially beneficial if you can’t get to the control panel due to injury, a heart attack, or another reason.

2-Way Voice Can Be Activated By Anyone

Children, elderly parents, friends, and visitors alike can call for help in case of a medical emergency, fire, or home break in. Calling out or using the button on the control panel will give the person the chance to talk to a technician at the monitoring center about the emergency. The appropriate authorities can then be dispatched to your home to assist with the emergency.

Will 2-Way Voice Invade My Privacy?

There is no need to worry about privacy violations due to your ADT 2-way voice service. In fact, the only way that 2-way voice connects to the monitoring center is if your alarm is triggered, if you activate it via voice, or if you push the button to connect to an agent. Otherwise, your 2-way voice system is simply standing by awaiting your commands.

As you can tell, 2-way voice provides a variety of benefits for your family. In addition, 2-way voice also reduces the number of false-alarm calls that are made because you accidentally set off the alarm or pushed the button. It’s just another layer of protection from ADT home monitoring.

You and your family should feel safe and secure in your home. A monitored home security system from the home security experts at ADT will help you rest easy knowing that who and what you love most is protected.

What Is ADT? 

If you’re looking for a home security system, you’ve likely heard of ADT Monitoring. After all, the company has been around for more than 140 years and has long been a leader in monitored home security systems. In fact, it is the only home security company that has consistently provided 24 hour monitoring for homes.

What’s Unique About ADT Monitoring?

Not only is ADT the oldest, and most reliable, home monitoring company, it’s also one of the biggest innovators. Using groundbreaking technologies like CellGuard®and 2-Way Voice.

  • CellGuard® is a wireless home security system that uses cellular technology to contact the monitoring center. You don’t need a landline phone, which means your security system is always in touch with the center.
  • 2-Way Voice provides instant access to a live person at the ADT monitoring center through the system’s control panel. It works from up to 75 feet away from the panel, giving you additional peace of mind that someone is always there.

How Much Does ADT Monitoring Cost?

You don’t have to worry about ADT monitoring ruining your family’s budget. ADT has five unique plans to choose from so you can pick the one that best suits your individual needs without draining your wallet. 

How Many Monitoring Centers Does ADT Have?

Providing dependable, uninterrupted home security monitoring services is the backbone of ADT. Hurricanes, blizzards, tornadoes, floods, and other natural disasters can wreak havoc on other home monitoring companies. But, not ADT, with six monitoring centers distributed across the country you always get consistent monitoring service, no matter the situation. 

Does ADT Offer a Guarantee?

ADT is so confident that your home is protected against theft that it actually does offer a theft-protection guarantee. If your ADT monitored home security system is armed and someone still breaks in and burglarizes your home, you may be eligible to receive compensation up to $500 toward your homeowners insurance deductible. 

Is ADT Transferable to a New Address?

Absolutely! If you’re planning a move, you’ll be happy to know ADT monitoring will watch over you in your new home as well. After six months of monitoring service, you can take advantage of ADTs Mover’s Package. You can get special discounts and deals on ADT security systems and ADT monitoring services for your new location so you always feel safe, no matter where you call home. 

Your family’s safety and security is ADT’s number one priority. More than 6 million customers rely on ADT monitoring to protect their property, homes, families, and pets. ADT has three times as many monitoring centers as any other home security monitoring company to provide uninterrupted monitoring.

What Are the Benefits of Six Monitoring Centers?

The biggest benefit of being connected to a network of reliable monitoring centers for your home security system is peace of mind. No matter what happens, you can rest assured that your home will still be under the watchful eyes of the ADT monitoring. Multiple monitoring centers mean:

ADT Can Protect More Homes

Providing security and peace of mind for more than 6 million customers is no easy feat. Yet, that’s exactly what ADT does. More than 20,000 calls a day can be handled by just one of the monitoring centers and the six centers respond to more than 19 million alarm signals every year. That’s miles away from what any other monitoring service can do.

Consistent Monitoring and Response 

If an alarm is triggered in your home or building, the response needs to suit the situation. When you need help, you can rely on the professionals at the ADT monitoring center to be calm, cool, and collected so they can get you the help you need. Because all of the monitoring centers are connected, there is seamless service for customers, no matter the situation and you can always rely on the technician to be calm and helpful. 

Trained Professionals Who Can Help

More than 7,000 highly-trained individuals work in ADT monitoring centers. That’s an impressive security team that works 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You can rest assured that if your alarm goes off there is someone who is available to respond in real time. Whether you’re experiencing a home invasion, burglary, fire, or carbon monoxide emergency, ADT is always there to help.

Emergencies Don’t Affect Service

Hurricanes, earthquakes, tornadoes, wildfires, and other natural disasters can affect large swaths of the country. Because there are six monitoring centers for ADT, there is no delay in response even in the stricken area. Alerts are simply rerouted to another ADT home monitoring center seamlessly. Because ADT uses cell phone technology, you can still get help even during power outages or when landlines are down.

Fast, Efficient Service 

The most significant benefit of six monitoring centers is that every alarm signal or call is handled quickly and efficiently. You won’t be shuffled around through a maze of telephone options, or left on hold. ADT understands that your emergency situation requires immediate attention. 

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