Child Safety and Protection Month

TruHome Security understands how important safety is for you and your loved ones. As parents, we know life can come at you fast and in unexpected ways. Injuries, accidents, and other in-home emergencies can throw your entire life into chaos, especially when they involve young children and teens. Though it’s something no one wants to think about, accidental injuries are the leading cause of death for people ages 0 to 19 in the United States. 

As parents, it's our job to protect and guide our children. But even the best parents can’t do that on their own. 

This Child Safety and Protection Month, TruHome Alarm is helping families learn to identify common risks, ways to mitigate those hazards, and how a high quality home security system can help protect the people you cherish most.

Common Causes of In-Home Injuries in Children and Teens


While injuries caused by falls in the home are often associated with older people, about 8,000 children are treated for fall related injuries every day in the U.S. Babies and toddlers are especially prone to these accidents as they haven’t fully developed the coordination and strength necessary for easy movement. 

Common hazards for childhood fall injuries include:

  • Playground equipment, especially slides, swings, and monkey bars
  • Staircases and elevated landings
  • Beds without railings for young children and toddlers
  • Slippery floors and surfaces
  • Unlocked and unsecured windows
  • Trees with low hanging, accessible branches


Children aren’t known for being the most safety-conscious people. They’re too busy having fun and exploring the world to pay attention to things like countertop corners, furniture, and doors. While we may put certain safety measures in place like covering outlets or locking cabinets when toddlers and young children are in the home, the dangers of a child toppling furniture over on themselves is prevalent but often overlooked. 

This lack of foresight can have serious, life-altering consequences for your entire family. Likewise, though we have certain safety expectations for the toys and equipment we buy for our children, a falling basketball hoop or speeding baseball can easily lead to an ER visit for broken bones and other injuries.


It seems like pretty common sense that children and fire don’t mix. Most parents agree young children shouldn’t cook, or if they do want to participate, it’s under close supervision. Yet 20,000 house fires each year are caused by children. This results in thousands of injuries and about 150 deaths a year. 

But kitchens aren’t the only place children can get burns. In-home burns on children are also caused by:

  • Contact with a heated surface like the oven door, heater, or hot water tank
  • Chemical burns caused by coming into contact with cleaning supplies
  • Burns caused by playing with matches or lighters

Home Security Systems and Child Safety Benefits

With all you already have to worry about as the parent of a young child, keeping your home safe for them shouldn’t be one of them. Taking precautions like installing child safety locks and proper storage of harmful items is a great first step, but for those unpredictable moments, a home security system can save the day.

ADT home monitoring systems provide high definition surveillance inside and out for your peace of mind. Unlike nanny cams that are usually static and so grainy you can’t even really tell what’s going on, interior cameras can give you real-time updates on the goings on of your home any time and from anywhere. Connected to a central hub and easily accessed from your phone, tablet, or computer, these advanced home monitoring systems allow you to:

  • Check in on your kids playing downstairs while you work upstairs
  • Be alerted to any unexpectedly opened doors or windows
  • Engage and disengage electronic locks from anywhere
  • Keep an eye on children playing in the front or back yard while you make dinner
  • Quickly respond to alarms for smoke, fires, and flooding
  • Set up specific alarms for high risk areas like outdoor pools
  • Discourage predators and criminals who may target your home

These are just some of the child safety benefits a fully automated home with an ADT home security and home monitoring system can provide. TruHome Alarm can help you completely customize your home security package with your children in mind. 

Rest easy tonight knowing your children are safe and protected. Call TruHome Security today to schedule your free consultation.

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