Black Friday Safe Shopping Tips

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With fantastic deals and amazing savings, Black Friday draws millions of consumers to shops, malls, and online stores every year. The promise of affordable toys, clothes, electronics, and appliances means Black Friday is a part of many people’s holiday traditions. Families come together for a day of fun and shopping to fully get into the holiday spirit. 2022 is gearing up to be no different, with many larger department stores and retailers already rolling out early specials and promotions. 

While Black Friday can be a great opportunity to find holiday gifts your family will love, it can also bring out the worst in people. The holiday shopping season sees an increase in theft, burglary, and even violent crimes. These acts can completely shatter the magic of the season, leaving you and the people you love devastated, heartbroken, and in fear. 

Don’t let opportunistic criminals ruin the holidays. Here’s what you need to know to stay safe while shopping this Black Friday.

Who do Thieves Target on Black Friday?

The reason crime increases during the holidays is multi-faceted. One of the primary causes is convenience: when more people are shopping for expensive goods and potentially leaving them unattended, there’s more opportunities for criminal activity. 

Shoppers may unintentionally make themselves targets by:

  • Leaving shopping bags in clear view in an unattended vehicle
  • Openly talking about cash on-hand and shopping plans
  • Leaving deliveries unattended for long periods of time
  • Leaving instructions for where packages should be stored or hidden for delivery drivers on the door or mailbox
  • Not having an exterior camera, doorbell camera, or other security measures

Black Friday thieves may peruse malls and shopping centers looking for vulnerable vehicles that are unlocked, are secluded in the parking lot, or have valuables in clear view. The most common vehicles targeted by thieves may be surprising. While most would assume criminals would target expensive, luxury vehicles, according to MotorTrend, Dodge, Honda, Toyota, GMC, and Nissan are among the most stolen vehicles in the United States.

Choosing to forego in-person shopping and just taking advantage of online deals doesn’t mean you're safe from having your holidays ruined, either. Porch piracy and package theft is on the rise, with opportunistic thieves getting bolder each day. Unfortunately, without the right exterior monitoring systems in place, you’re not likely to retrieve your packages or catch the person responsible. By the time you discover the crime, it can be hours or days later with no evidence or clues to back you up.

Protect the Holidays with TruHome Alarm

Families with children want to make the holiday season magical and create memories that will last forever. You never want those memories to be of a criminal shattering the joy and excitement of the holidays. TruHome Alarm, the top ADT authorized dealer in South Florida, can help prevent your family from being victimized by opportunistic thieves. 

With advanced cameras, sensors, and alarms for both exterior and interior home monitoring, you can rest assured that the experts at ADT always have your back. Plus, by getting a customized home security system through TruHome Alarm, you can save money to go toward making your family’s holiday dreams come true. While we can’t stop your kids from accidentally finding where you hid their presents, we can prevent burglars from getting their hands on them first.

Get ahead of holiday humbugs this season. Call us today at (888) 784-6869 to schedule your consultation.

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