AirBnB Owners: Are Your Properties Safe?

The holiday season is swiftly approaching, and with it many families are beginning to plan their vacations and family gatherings. That means booking flights, reserving car rentals, and, in many cases, finding a place to stay during their trips. AirBnB is a great option for many families looking for an alternative to traditional hotel stays, making this time of year especially busy for property owners who use the service. 

As an AirBnB host, the flexibility the platform provides for making passive income is an amazing opportunity. Some choose to use AirBnB to rent spaces in their personal homes for travelers while others offer up their full properties while they’re away on their own travels. Property owners  who have multiple rentals may use the platform to maximize return on the investment, earning more through temporary rental agreements than through traditional renting. 

But in benefitting from the popularity of AirBnB, you’re also leaving your property vulnerable to possible damages. From vandalism and accidental structural damage to burglary and other property crimes, protecting your guests and your investment means putting home security measures in place. 

Home Security Systems as a Preventive Measure

While AirBnB offers coverage for hosts in case of property damages, this is a reactive measure rather than a proactive one. This means if something happens on your property you’ll be reimbursed for repair costs and you have some protections against potential lawsuits. But prevention, including protecting your home and guests against opportunistic criminals, is entirely in your hands.

Home security systems like those offered by TruHome Alarm can help prevent issues before they happen. They can:

  • Discourage rowdy guests from breaking rules
  • Deter thieves who may target tourists or empty residences
  • Deter vandals, squatters, and other petty criminals
  • Discourage guests from engaging in hazardous behaviors
  • Prevent fraudulent accident and injuries claims

Does AirBnB Allow Hosts to Install Security Systems?

AirBnB hosts are legally allowed to install home security systems in their rental properties. These systems must adhere to local, state, and federal laws and must not violate your guests’ right to privacy. This means cameras and other monitoring technologies are limited to public spaces like your property’s exterior and communal areas. Cameras cannot be placed in bedrooms or bathrooms or facing into another property. 

If you’re not sure how to best adhere to AirBnB and legal guidelines while protecting your property, TruHome Alarm can help. Our home security experts can help you determine the best solutions for your needs. As South Florida’s leading ADT authorized dealers, you can rest assured you’re getting top quality products and services at great prices. 

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