7 Reasons Seniors Need Home Security

For many older adults, maintaining independence is important. We don’t want to feel burdensome to our family members or rely on hired caregivers as we get older, so putting measures in place that allow us to safely sustain that freedom is essential. Thankfully, home security systems for seniors like those offered by ADT have features that go beyond simple home monitoring to help give you confidence and peace of mind. 

Despite this, most older adults living on their own don’t have a home security system. Or, if they do, it’s outdated, complicated, and goes unused most of the time, leaving them vulnerable to any number of emergencies. If this sounds like you or someone you love, here are seven reasons to get a home security system with TruHome Alarm, the #1 ADT authorized dealer in South Florida.

  1. Aging Affects the Senses, Reaction Time

In emergency situations, time is everything. Being able to detect and assess a threat or problem and respond quickly and appropriately is key for minimizing damage or even survival. As we age our senses deteriorate, especially hearing and sight. This usually happens gradually, so slowly we may not notice or deny it’s happening. Likewise, aging bodies may not be able to move as agilely as they once could, which can further delay response time in an emergency.

Thankfully, with continuous home monitoring services by ADT’s team of security experts, you or your loved one always have someone watching their back. If an emergency is detected, like a break-in, fire, or even a slip-and-fall, our team can quickly get in contact with the appropriate emergency responders to get help right away.

  1. Seniors Living Alone are Easy Targets

For thieves, home invaders, and other criminals, seniors are easy targets. Physical vulnerability, assumed accrued wealth, and other factors can put you or your loved one on the radar of crooks and miscreants. This is especially true if they appear to live on their own or have few regular visitors.

Home security systems don’t just record crimes as they happen, they help deter them. Burglars will often scout intended targets before they strike and perimeter cameras, motion sensor exterior lighting, and alarms greatly reduce your risk of falling victim. Even if they do decide to take the risk, most will scatter and leave empty handed once they realize they’ve triggered an ADT home security system and the authorities are likely already on their way.

  1. A Heart Attack Occurs Every 40 Seconds, Most of Them at Home

Heart attacks, strokes, and other cardiovascular events are the leading cause of death in the United States. Survival largely depends on timely responses and quickly getting medical attention. More than 80 percent of heart attacks occur at home, and for seniors living alone this can be a serious risk.

ADT home security systems are advanced enough to detect all types of emergencies, including medical crises. With integrated medical alert devices that can automatically contact paramedics on your behalf, you gain the extra sense of security to give you peace of mind.

  1. 37 Percent of House Fire Fatalities are 65 or Older

External risks aren’t the only thing home security systems protect against. A recent study by the National Fire Prevention Association found that more than one-third of victims in fatal house fires were 65 years or older. Most of these fires were sparked by smoking or cooking, and about 75 percent of fatal fires involving clothing ignitions were at least 55 years old.

Home security systems can help minimize the damage caused by fires, including tragic consequences. Our team of security monitoring professionals can connect directly to your local fire department to get you help fast, so all you have to worry about is getting out of your home safely. And because our team has access to visual surveillance data, if you do become trapped in your home, they can provide your exact location details to responders.

  1. Slip-and-Falls Can Be Deadly for Seniors Living on their Own

While at-home falls can cause significant injuries for people at any age, they can be particularly harrowing for seniors living on their own. Beyond risks like broken bones and fractures, concussions, and other serious fall injuries, older adults who fall while alone may be unable to reach out for help. This can have disastrous consequences, up to and including death.

With a home security system through TruHome Alarm, the #1 ADT authorized dealer in South Florida, at home falls and other accidents get the prompt, potentially life-saving medical response they require. Our team is able to contact emergency services on your behalf, so you know help is on the way even if you can’t reach a phone.

  1. Doorbell Cameras and Perimeter Surveillance Save Time and Energy

For older adults, seniors, and people with chronic health conditions that may affect mobility, having doorbell cameras and perimeter monitoring systems is incredibly convenient. These home security devices can double as assistive devices by allowing you to interact with visitors, delivery personnel, and solicitors without having to approach the door. They can also help you keep an eye on visiting grandkids while they play outside, monitor pets to make sure they’re safe, and supervise contractors who may be working on your property. 

ADT perimeter monitoring systems are easy to access from any mobile device or computer so you can stay on top of what’s happening around your home anytime and anywhere.

  1. Remove Access to Home Security Systems Assuage Worries

Remote accessibility isn’t just useful for checking the front door from the comfort of your bed. With ADT home security systems you can control what happens in your home from anywhere as long as you have internet access. This means you can remotely unlock the door or open the garage for the dog walker while out to lunch with friends, set your home’s temperature on your way home from vacation, and more. You can even respond to activation alerts while on vacation in another country. This level of advance protection allows you to relax and focus on the moment instead of worrying about what’s going on at home.

For people concerned about retiring parents moving to South Florida, remote access home security systems are a great solution. They maintain their autonomy while you can check in on mom and dad from anywhere to make sure everything is okay. You can also monitor caregivers and home help aids to ensure your parents are treated well and get the care they need.

Ready to learn more about home security solutions for seniors? Contact TruHome Alarm today! As the top ADT authorized dealer in South Florida, we have a wide array of customizable systems to suit your needs. Our discounted security packages are 100 percent backed by ADT, a national leader in home monitoring, meaning you save money but still get quality service you can trust.

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